10 April 2008

The valet broke my car

Last night I tried out the Brazilian steakhouse Fogo de Chão here in Austin. I was running a little late and didn't want to fool around with searching for parking so I dropped my car off with the valet. As I was walking away from the car, I hear a loud crack. When I turned around, the valet still had the car door open, a terrified look on his face, and part of my door handle in his hand!

I gave him a really stern stare for a few moments before I started laughing. About a week ago when closing my car door, part of the plastic broke, but just on one side of the handle. Since then, I've been very careful not to pull on the handle because I didn't want to break the other side. Unfortunately I failed to mention this issue to the valet. The guy was pretty sorry it happened, but I suspect he got a good laugh out of it after I was gone. I know I kept chuckling for a while. My poor car. Something is always wrong with it.

As for the restaurant, it was very delicious. They have about fifteen different types of meat that they bring around to the tables for you to try. My favorites were the Picanha and Fraldinha. Next time I will try Estância Churrascaria as I was told the quality was just as good and it's a little bit cheaper in price.


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