16 December 2007

Sharpshooter 0.6.1 released

I just released a a new version of Sharpshooter, the small utility which aids the management of screenshots, with bug fixes for non-English speaking users. One user from France had changed his default screenshot name to include an é (lowercase e-acute) character and my Unicode string comparison method was mishandling that case.

I also updated the foreign user interface elements to have all of the latest changes as the English version. When I released 0.6, I forgot to propagate the changes from the English nib files. I wrote a couple of scripts to help automate this process in the future. There should be no excuse for me to make this same mistake in the future.

And finally I translated Sharpshooter to a few more languages: German, Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, and Italian. I am certain that many of the translations are erroneous, so I invite native speakers of those and other languages to contribute with localization help.

The latest version of Sharpshooter can be downloaded from the product webpage.


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