21 October 2007

Sharpshooter 0.5

I just released version 0.5 of Sharpshooter, the screenshot renaming helper application for Mac OS X. This version adds a feature which I think is really neat. If you use multiple monitors, taking a full screenshot will result in multiple image files, one for each monitor. Sharpshooter can now recognize this and allow you to work with these related images together in one window. This allows you to give the images related names or even combine them into one large image.

I was hoping that this newest version would be a full featured 1.0 release, but there are still a few more items I would like to add before then. First, I need to include some documentation as a help book. Then there are some feature requests that users have sent in but I'm not certain if I want to add them or not. Some of the requests, even though they pertain to screenshots, aren't really befitting to the purpose of this application. I am still thinking of how I might be able to include them without bloating Sharpshooter with too many features just because I can.

On a related note, MacWorld did not end up publishing the Sharpshooter review in their print edition. You can read the online review but I was really hoping for something I could hang up on the wall. Oh well. I still suspect that it might have been printed and gotten a higher rating if the app was complete.


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