11 April 2007


Carrie is a pretty avid bowler and plays in a league every Monday. Over the past couple of years her average has kept rising and just the other week she had a 299 game, one pin shy of perfect! I was quite impressed.

I have never been a good bowler and am very inconsistent with my scores. Hopefully that is about to change. This morning I ordered my first bowling ball online so that I can improve my game. The site I got it from offered free UPS ground shipping which seemed odd for a 16 pound package. I was originally quoted that it could take up to a week, but I just checked the tracking number and it is scheduled to arrive on Thursday. That's a nice surprise. It was shipped from Houston which makes sense because I was charged sales tax. Anyway, I will still need to get the ball drilled and purchase some shoes. After that, hopefully I will see some improvements and consistency in my scores.


At April 13, 2007 at 9:30 AM, Blogger Changsu Lee said...

well, give us a call, let's go bowling!!!


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