04 April 2007

The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff

It has already been said that Aspyr will be releasing a lot of Sims products this year. The first one that I have had a hand in getting out the door is The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff Pack. My colleague David has done most of the recent Mac Sims development work, but now I am shifting over to work more with him on this particular franchise. With this release, I helped with some "behind the scenes" items. We switched over to using Xcode to create the application bundles rather than relying on CodeWarrior's package tab. I much prefer how Xcode works in this regard because with build configurations, you don't have to duplicate the packaging layout for the debug and release targets which is required with CodeWarror (at least it is with the version we're using). Xcode has a lot of cool and practical functionality (project search field, build configurations, distributed builds, etc.), yet I still go back to CodeWarrior when I want to perform source code searches, file comparisons (although my brother Josef has something in the works to take its place), and syntax coloring/class browser information. Anyway, with Family Fun Stuff, all of this Xcode work has allowed us to make the Body Shop auxillary app a Universal Binary so that it runs natively on the Intel chip Macs.


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