02 December 2006

YouTube clips -- Family Guy and John Petrucci

I thought I would share a few clips from YouTube that I find hilarious. I have no idea if my readers (there aren't but three or four as far as I can tell) will appreciate the humor, but I'll give it a shot anyway. Besides, I also want to try embedding a movie clip onto my blog.

This first one combines two different TV shows and a movie that I really like -- Family Guy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Star Wars. Luke Skywalker ends up pushing the limits just like Larry David always does.

This next clip is a parody of John Petrucci's Rock Discipline DVD. John, of Dream Theater fame, is an impressive guitarist, and I received this instructional DVD for Christmas last year. It is extremely difficult to follow not only because of his advanced techniques, but also because he is extremely boring, emotionless, and monotonous. One of the extras on the DVD has him talking about his touring gear setup. A YouTube user with a great sense of humor made this pardody by overdubbing this extra.


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