07 August 2008

The Bats of Round Rock

It's fairly well known that Austin has a colony of Mexican free-tailed bats that live under the Congress Avenue bridge. What you may not know, and I didn't either until about a year ago, is that there is a bridge in Round Rock with its own bat colony. At Interstate 35 and McNeil Road, just south of the Highway 620 exit, you can watch the bats emerge just before dusk.

On June 11th, Carrie, our nephew Ronnie, and I spent about forty-five minutes waiting for the bats to emerge from the bridge. I thought they were going to come out sooner but luckily we had a football to throw around and pass the time. It was truly an amazing site seeing so many bats flying through the sky. You can view more pictures of the bats here.


At August 8, 2008 at 3:31 PM, Blogger 49erDweet said...

My wife and I were there a few evenings after 6/11.  She obtained quite a few photos of the exodus, including four separate brief [<30 sec.] video segments. 

I thought it interesting how the activity began in the span at the southern end of the bridge and then seemed to gradually work it's way northward.  Very "organized" for awhile, but then it finally became a little erratic.  It went on about 35 minutes the night we were there.  It was also quite apparent the awakening had nothing to do with the level of vehicle traffic right above them.  Strange!

One local viewer [we started out watching under the eave of the closed-up business building on the NE corner of McNeil and the frontage road, in front of the motel] said she had been told just that week that this year the number of bats in RR now exceeded the size of the colony under the Congress Street bridge.  Fascinating. 

Also, here is an interesting link I found after our visit.

Thought this might interest you.  Cheers on your business and your new marriage.


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