11 January 2008

Bye Bye Braces

After a long two and a half years, I got my braces taken off yesterday. What a relief! Now I have a retainer to wear to keep my teeth in the correct positions, but it's removable and won't cut my tongue or irritate my gums and inner cheeks like the braces did. Brushing my teeth even feels funny to me now that I don't have to maneuver around a bunch of metal.

05 January 2008

Keith Murray of Global Geek Podcast reviews Sharpshooter

Today, while looking at some of the referrals to my website, I came across The Global Geek Podcast. I was intrigued that such a named podcast was linking to my site so I visited it to see what it was all about. It just so happens that in episode number 72, there is a short review Sharpshooter.

During the Mac Lab Rat section, Keith Murray calls Sharpshooter his "killer app pick of the week." I was ecstatic to hear him say that. Listen for yourself by grabbing the audio. He talks about Sharpshooter at the 46 minute mark.