27 May 2007

Bowling lesson

Yesterday I took my first bowling lesson with Charles Dickey. Carrie said she would pay for a few lessons so I could get better. Now that I have my own equipment it's the perfect time to learn how to use it properly. Charles is a great coach. I spent about an hour with him going over my approach, aiming the ball, using my left hand as a support, and how to hook it. After the lesson, I rolled a 102, 163, and another 102. Not too bad, but best of all, I am becoming a lot more consistent.

17 May 2007

Mothership Wit

Sometime last week I was talking about beers with Josef and Andy and they said that New Belgium had come out with a new witbier named Mothership Wit. I'm not sure how new it is, but it's not even listed on their website at the moment. Josef had heard that it is pretty similar to Celis White so I bought a six pack the other night to try it. Celis White is one of my favorite beers, but I haven't had it since Little Woodrow's stopped carrying it last Fall. This new Mothership Wit beer is just what the doctor ordered! It tastes almost exactly like Celis White (at least from what I can remember). Because New Belgium beers have a larger distribution, I have high hopes that many more spots around town will begin to carry it. With any luck, I'll be enjoying a nice refreshing Mothership at Woodrow's while watching the Tennessee Titans play this fall.