10 September 2007

New phone equals new distraction

Tonight I have been procrastinating cleaning up the house because my new phone arrived today. When Apple dropped the price, Carrie was nice enough to buy me the 4 GB iPhone model. I've only made one call with it to Carrie and she said that I was cutting in and out, but the voice quality was much clearer than with my old phone. One feature that I do love is that I will be able to take this to my local sports bar and get updates on my fantasy football team's progress.

I'm having the inside and outside of my house painted before I sell it and move in with Carrie. The painters start tomorrow and I have asked them to do the outside first (I haven't really prepped the inside), but with rain in the forecast that might not be an option. I'll have to stay up late and clean up a bit.

The other thing that has gotten pushed back is working on Sharpshooter. I have added new features since the 0.4.1 release, but they still need some polish. Once those are done and tested, I will probably call it 1.0 and put it on the back burner except for bug fixes. Ideally it will be finished before the October MacWorld edition comes out because I think there will be a review of Sharpshooter in it. There is another application I have been working on sporadically that I would like to release but it isn't close to being finished. Initially its purpose was to improve on the event reminders of Google Calendar, but now that I have an iPhone, I am also looking to add in synchronization functionality between the phone and the online calendar.