09 September 2006

South Padre in October

This October I will be riding my motorcycle down to Padre Island for the SPI BikeFest. My girlfriend Carrie has gone a couple of times with her father and she convinced me to do it this year. This will be my first biker rally to actually register for and attend. I have been to several of the Republic Of Texas rallies in Austin, but that was just to hang out on Friday night downtown.

I think our group will have around five or six bikes traveling from Austin. I haven't met the others so I am really happy that our friend Mel is going to ride along with Carrie in the 4-Runner. Despite the fact that Mark Chesnutt is the musical headliner, we are going to have a great time on the beach. The "Blue Dolphin" rental house looks nice too with a pool and hot tub in the back.

In preparation for the trip, I just took my bike in to Zabor's Motorcycle Repair on Burnet for a state inspection sticker, new tires, and an overall tune-up. This trip will probably be my longest one day ride and definitely overall one; I've been on several lengthy rides through the hill country with ex-coworkers and my old motorcycle gang. I also plan on looking around for a windshield this weekend because riding for a long time with the wind buffeting your head can be quite tiring. I'm sure I could use a lot of other items like a new helmet, gloves, boots, etc., so I could end up spending a bunch of money before we depart. Well, I'm looking forward to the bike rally in Padre and I will be sure to post a recap and some pictures when I get back.